Frequently Asked Questions
Is it safe to buy beats from

Yes! We use PayPal as our payment processor, one of the most secure and popular checkout systems in the world.

Are beats delivered instantly?

Yes! Right after purchase you will have access to your beat download(s) and an email will be sent to you automatically where you can download the file at anytime.

Will the license agreement be in there too?

Yes! Beat downloads and licenses are available for download instantly!

Do the beats have headroom?

Yes! I make sure to leave at least -3db of headroom for the wav beat downloads. As engineers and musician we understand how important it is!

How do I buy a beat?

Easy! Just hit the ADD button on the right of the beat. Select the license type you want. It will be added to the cart. Once you added all the beats you want, click the cart button at the top right and select proceed to checkout.

Can I post the song I make on streaming platforms?

Please review the terms depending on the license type to see the stream count per license. If you don’t want a limit, I have an unlimited license for the beats. With this license you’ll be able to have unlimited streams, etc ( all listed in the license terms )

How do I get 1 free beat?

All you have to do is sign up to our news letter, choose 1 beat and we will send the file to you

How do i activate the discounts

Once you select the beats you like, on the check out page click the bulk deals and you we see all the deals available for you, this is valid for all licences

Licensing Information